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Earning money from my blog:

was an alternative way of earning

money from my craft.

I wasn’t earning enough money from my craft, so I needed an alternative way of increasing my income from my craft.

As you know, as a crafter, it isn’t always easy to make a decent amount of earnings by just selling your craft. I used to envy those crafters that seems to make so much money on Etsy. I’ve tried Etsy, and local auction sites, but could never get to that kind of earnings that others claim to have.

I also became easily bored with the projects and the amount of time I spend on my laptop, loading listing after listing, (you need to relist every week on the local auction sites).

I needed another way to earn money from my craft, something I could set up and then atomized. A kind of passive income, while still have lots of time to knit and crochet every day. 😉

So, here I was browsing on Pinterest, for what seemed like hours, looking for other ways to make money out of my hobby (knitting and crocheting).

I found a craft blogger, Sewrella, and her pin about how she started blogging, and make money out of combining her blogging and her crocheting.

So I decided to start blogging. I enjoy it so much that I want to spend all of my time working on my blog. But, as you all know, the family must come first.

That is what is so ideal about being a craft blogger, it is flexible. Just as I can take my knitting with me when we go visit friends, I can blog at any time of the day. I’m a bit of a night owl, and when the house is quiet, that is when I get most of my work done.

I also suffer for the last 20+ years from an autoimmune disease (Fibromyalgia) and have 24/7 pain. With it, I have Hypothyroidism, which makes me very tired during the day. My metabolism is in high wire! So I need to sleep when I’m tired or too sick, so I’m unable to return to full-time work.

Just as the homeschooling gave us the flexibility to do schooling when I’m not too sick or tired, blogging is giving me the same flexibility. I usually only sleep 5 hours at any one time, then I can’t get back to sleep again. So I stand up, blog, and after a few hours, I’m tired enough to go and sleep again.

 So, for all of these reasons, creating CrochetKnittingSellingTips.com is an ideal fit for my family and me.


How to Set Up a Blog:

 I’m not a techie at all, but I do love to fiddle around behind the scenes of a website. I’ve experimented in the past, blogging, but lacked the skills in SEO, Google Analytics, CCS, Html, ……..

And for somebody coming into this new era of internet and website monetization, I quickly felt overwhelmed.

Then I found Suzi from StartaMomblog.com. She had ebooks (one of them is Blog by Number – an ebook on how to Start a Blog) and courses on how to set up a blog, the SEO stuff, technical stuff and how to make money out of your blog.

“Blogging is a very rewarding and extremely flexible activity. It also has the potential to grow into something amazing. But it can be time-consuming if you do not have standards and processes.” (Suzi Whitford)

This is where Suzi from StartAMomBlog comes in. Suzi’s easy to understand and easy to follow courses helped me when I felt overwhelmed.

You can enroll in her FREE First Month Blog Plan which includes a 31 Day Plan to help you to set up your blog.


Use this free First Month Blog Plan to guide you exactly what to do every day to launch your blog.

  • Check off the tasks as you complete them.

  • Included are expected times to complete each task, so you can plan accordingly!

  • Each step also has additional resources and tips.

“This is the exact plan I would follow if I launched a new blog. I’ve been able to grow my blog from $0 to over $20,000 per month in less than 18 months.” Suzi Whitford

You can see more of her courses in the next column.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your blog. You are investing in your future!

Yes, you can set up a blog for free BUT it will take you a lot of time to learn it by following YouTube or other tutorials. There is so many information on how to start a blog out there on the internet (information highway). I, personally start to feel overwhelmed! I tried to read it all! Watch it all! I was almost ready to give up!

I took the plunge and bought my first course, Blog By Number by Suzie Withford. It was under $50, so in my budget, and anyway, if it didn’t work out, I haven’t spent so much money. ?

I was amazed at how easy the course was, and within a few days, I had a blog! And I just kept going, now I have done all of her courses. I wouldn’t have been this far in setting up my blog if I didn’t follow her courses. I would have still plow through Pinterest and YouTube, saving all the information and post I find, but not reading much, and doing even less! Yes, I’ve tried a few times to set up a blog in the past, but I gave up after a few months of struggling and getting nowhere!

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The 5 Steps I took to

Earn Money from my Blog:


 Why do a course? It is a shortcut!!

You can learn for free, there are thousands of videos on the internet that will teach you the same things.



do you have the TIME?? Following a course is quicker. And you can start making money sooner. Isn’t that the goal?

Suzi has summarized in the courses all the knowledge and skills that she took a year to learn! So you can take a year to learn it and fail many times,


you can do courses like I did, and be set up within months or sooner. There are bloggers that took only a month to set up their blogs!!

The part that took me the longest, in the beginning, was customizing the theme, writing my first posts, learn how the backend of the blog works and learning to work with a visual builder. And then there is Social Media Marketing, SEO and Affiliate Marketing to learn!!

Feeling overwhelmed??

Don’t be afraid to invest in your blog. You are investing in your future!

Suzi’s Whitford’s HOW TO CREATE A BLOG AND EARN MONEY courses:


1. The 9 Step Blog Plan Course (an intro course to Blog By Number). 

Do you need help with the first steps of starting a blog? Are you overwhelmed by all the information and would love a step by step plan?

Starting a blog is very much like having a little baby. It takes planning and preparation for a successful labor day, I mean blog launch day! My mission is to help you through this blogging journey. I want to set you up for huge success. And success comes with having the right foundation, the right plan. You need a plan that gives you the first steps to starting a blog.

Suzie would love to share with you the plan she used to get her blog from $0 to over $6,000 per month in less than a year!

Read what others say about the course!




2a. Blog By Number Signature Course (You’ll learn how to set up a Blog and it includes on how to earn money with your blog).

If you want to follow a more detailed course on how to set up a Blog you can enroll in her popular Blog By Number Course. In this course, she will explain Hosting, Be Choosing your Blog Name, Be Choosing your Niche, Be Customizing a Theme, write your first posts, writing your own About Me page, Be Adding pictures, How to Make a Pinterest and a Facebook image, email marketing and so much more. Her courses are very detailed and you can finish it at your own pace.


2b. Blog By Number E-book (This is an Ebook of Blog By Number, ideal if you still, want to decide if you want to enroll in the course Blog By Number).

The step by step ebook for moms who want to start a blog, learn how to get traffic and how to make money with their blog.

3. Theme By Number Course (which teach you to install the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes and writing posts on this theme).

It is a Step by Step Course to help you master Divi from Elegant Themes. Learn how to create beautiful, high-converting posts and landing pages that can be customized and split tested to the nth degree. The only theme you’ll ever need for your WordPress blog.


4. List By Number Course (which teach you how to use Convertkit and email marketing). It is a complete course to teach you everything you need to know about Convertkit to grow your email list to thousands in a few months.


5. Ebook by Number Course (if you want to create/design your own Ebook to sell on your blog). Perfect for moms who already have their blog established, but want to make money from selling an ebook.

The Ebook by Number covers the basics of blogging, helps you build an email list, get the perfect ebook idea, write it, design it, and launch it! Additionally, the course shows you how to generate a profit from your ebook even after the launch!




All 5 Courses below – valued at $245 for only $197


How to make money with your



Now that you’ve set up your

blog, it’s time to start making


1. How to make money with Amazon Affiliates Ebook (Find out how to optimize your blog to make over $1000+ a month on Amazon affiliates.)

Amazon Affiliates Ebook

2. Desing your own Ebook: Ebook by Number course (if you want to create/design your own Ebook to sell on your blog). Perfect for moms who already have their blog established, but want to make money from selling an ebook.

The Ebook by Number covers the basics of blogging, helps you build an email list, get the perfect ebook idea, write it, design it, and launch it! Additionally, the course shows you how to generate a profit from your ebook even after the launch!


Ebook by Number

Social Media Marketing:

Now it is time to tell the world you have a craft blog and market yourself!


Become a Pinterest Ninja (the only guide you will need to master Pinterest)

Join the other millions of moms who blog and make money from home. You can start a blog too.

As a mom blogger your time is limited, you have a thousand things pulling you in different directions. I hope that the advice you find here helps you become the most successful, efficient, money-making mom blogger you can be!

Blogging is an easy way to make

money from home.  You can start

a blog too!

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