How I set up my craft blog! Step by Step Guide!

How I set up my craft blog! Step by Step Guide!

How I set up my craft blog! Step by Step Guide!



Why do I need to take courses and read ebooks? Can’t I find all of the

information I need on the internet??


How I set up my craft blog! Step by Step Guide! In this post I list the courses

and ebooks I did/read, I also list who I use for Hosting. I decided to do the

courses to help set up my blog, after hours and hours searching for the

information and steps to set up a blog. There is so much information out there, I

became overwhelmed, not to mention on Pinterest and YouTube!! I found

that doing the courses and reading the ebooks was like taking a shortcut.


For example, the first courses on how to set up your blog that I list underneath

are the experience and research that Suzi Whitford did in setting up her blog

a whole year of searching for information, answers, making mistakes and

obtaining success in the end.


The latest that I’ve heard she is earning $20 000+ per month on her blog!! That

is now my goal. I’m going to list here and under the My Blog Journey in the

Menu at the top, all of the lessons I’ve learned during setting up my blog. My

goal is to earn money through my blog so that I can send my kids to study at

the Institute of Technology.



Why should you have your own hosting? 


When you want to start earning money from your blog, one of the

requirements is that you are self-hosted. This requirement is usually set out in

the Application Criteria when you apply to become an Affiliate for a company

or want to display adds on your blog. Other ways of earning money from your

blog are by creating your own products. A course on how to create your own

ebook is listed below.


How I set up my craft blog! Step by Step Guide!

*This post contains affiliate links.

How to set up a blog/craft blog


How I set up my craft blog! Step by Step Guide!

5 Steps to Start and Make Money from your Blog:

These are the courses I did from Suzi Wittford in setting up my blogs. Suzi’s


1. The 9 Step Blog Plan (an intro course to Blog By Number).

2. Blog By Number (You’ll learn how to set up a Blog).

2b. Blog By Number E-book (This is an Ebook of Blog By Number, ideal if you still want to decide if you want to enroll in the course Blog By Number).

3. Theme By Number Course (which teach you to install the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes and writing posts on this theme).

4. List By Number (which teach you how to use Convertkit and email marketing).

5. Ebook by Number (if you want to create/design your own Ebook to sell on your blog).


Courses: How to make money on your blog:


Steps to Start and Make Money from your Blog

1. Amazon Affiliates Ebook:

How to make money with Amazon Affiliates Ebook (Find out how to optimize your blog to make over $1000 on Amazon affiliates.)

Amazon Affiliates Ebook

2. Desing your own EbookEbook by Number course will teach you everything you need to know.

Ebook by Number

Social Media Marketing:


Become a Pinterest Ninja (the only guide you will need to master Pinterest)



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