About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Alida from CrochetKnittingSellingTips.com

I am a mom of two lovely boys and the wife to a wonderful, supportive man.

I’ve been working in the Education system as long as I can remember. I loved teaching children! So, when schooling didn’t work out for my 2 boys, it just felt natural for me to home-school them.

After all of the years homeschooling (as they are in their last years of high school), it became time for me to reconsider a new career.

I needed something to do with my time, as my boys are now more self-sufficient and do their school work on their own.

I always loved knitting as a hobby. My mom taught me to knit when I was 6 years old. She would get me started on a row, and vacuum up and down the living room, and then help me to turn my knitting and start again. And this routine went on the whole day every day. My Grandma on my mom’s side did the most beautiful crochet doilies, with beads in. A little later on I also learned to Crochet like her.

So I decided to start a craft blog of which I was dreaming about for so long. With my blogging, I want to share my knowledge about my craft with other crafters. I always spend hours searching for size charts, patterns, stitches, tutorials and so on. So, why not share with you what I’ve discovered on the web? 🙂

Categories on this blog:

I want you, my readers, to have one place to go and find it all. So, I’m going to list all of the websites, tutorials (written and video), etc. that I can find about knitting and crochet here. I plan to categorize the information for you into easily usable sections, for quick reference.

The categories are the following:

1) Crochet: Patterns, Stitches, and Tutorials

2) Knitting: Patterns, Stitches, and Tutorials

3) Selling: will include different ways of selling your crafts and alternative ways to earn an income from your crafts. This will include a Shop in the future, and I’ll also share my own knitting with you. Once I’ve figured out (learned) e-commerce, I’m planning to open a shop where other knitters and crocheters can sell their crafts and patterns.

I want to share with you all of the ways of making money from your craft, either at markets or online. When I was researching ways of selling crafts, I didn’t realize that there were so many different ways to sell crafts. BUT, I also start feeling overwhelmed with all of the information out there.

So, I decided to put it into categories, for easy reference later. And I want to share it with you. I can just imagine how overwhelmed crafters must feel. They don’t call the internet the information highway for nothing. 🙂

Pinterest boards work well, but I still felt overwhelmed in trying to find patterns, tutorials and so on.

Why Blogging?

 As a crafter, I know your time is limited. I hope that the information you find on my blog helps to save you time in searching for that perfect pattern or tutorial. I wish you to become the most successful, efficient, money-making crafter you can be!

If you also want to start a blog, I’ve written a blog about Suzie Withford and her courses on how to set up a blog.

Suzi’s easy to understand and easy to follow courses helped me when I felt overwhelmed. You can enroll in her FREE First Month Blog Plan which includes a 31 Day Plan to help you to set up your course. You can read more about her wonderful courses Earn money with your craft blog by taking these 5 easy steps today!  or How I set up my craft blog! Step by Step Guide!

Thank you for visiting! Let’s connect, I’d love to hear how I can help you.

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