Crochet, Knitting and Selling Tips!

Are you searching for Crochet, Knitting and Selling Tips on how

to earn money or a living from your craft? Are you always

searching for patterns, stitches or tutorials for crochet and

knitting? Don’t look further!

I’m compiling a list for you (in categorized posts) with free patterns,

stitches, how to tutorials and different ways to earn money from your

craft. It will cover selling at markets, online selling, etc. and also how

to set up a craft blog, if you wish to do so. 

I hope you find the information of value. Please let me know in the

comments what other patterns, stitches, tutorials, and selling tips

you are searching for.

Note that all links are outside links to other web pages and are for

information purposes only.

This blog is still a work in progress, so please visit me regularly to see the newest posts!


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About Me

Hi, I’m Alida from Crochet,

Knitting & Selling Tips. I’m a

mom to two lovely boys and a wife to a wonderful supporting hubby.

With my blog, I want to share my knowledge about my craft with other crafters. I always spend hours searching for size charts, patterns, stitches, tutorials and so on. So, why not share with you what I’ve discovered on the web?     Read More …

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How I set up my craft blog! Step by Step Guide!

*This post contains affiliate links.

All supplies can be bought online from

LoveCrochet or LoveKnitting.

Do you want to start your own Craft Blog?

I’ve written about the above courses I took while setting up this blog in the post:

The easy way how to start and earn money with your own craft blog today!

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